Minivans are even more comfortable than minibuses, imagine basically an individual, private transportation station if you will, that is easy to stop and go through any kind of roads, would it be gravel, or a narrow copper stone street, but still going with your group of people or company.
Minivans are the perfect solution for safe travelling, individuality and travelling with plans still in the making, our company always offers native drivers, so wherever your journey is wanted, the lesser known objects will be suggested, so you can experience the full joy of travelling. If your company is less than 9 persons, then you’re good to go wherever you wish!
With such a minivan caliber it is easier to park, stop and fit through cities, where going with a bus or a minibus would take more time.
Offering different kinds of minivans with 4-8 seats.
  • Exclusive look,
  • Comfortable, adjustable seats,
  • Controllable air conditioners,
  • Non-smoking, experienced, certified drivers,
  • Space for luggage,
  • More convenient type of transportation for narrow roads,
  • Much more individual and comfortable types of seats,
  • Many more extras for your convenience.